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Fill Your Small Hotel by Niching Down

When you own a small boutique hotel you may not have the budget for big marketing campaigns so you need to get a little creative to bring customers to your establishment.  Small hotels are also hampered by not having the same brand recognition that the big hotel chains have so competing against them means you really need to think outside the box.  You can fill your small hotel by niching down and targeting specific groups of guests.

When you align yourself with specific travel associations or organizations then you can harness the same marketing power that big chains use.  Everybody from all walks of life love to travel but by targeting your marketing to specific interest groups you can double or triple your occupancy rate almost overnight.  Let’s look at some markets that your hotel can cater to and stay full.

Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is a thriving and growing industry and one of the best sectors of the hospitality market.  Most of these guests will be either need a place to stay while their loved ones are in the hospital or they will want a place to recover after a procedure.  They also want to avoid the big chain hotels and the limited services that they get from them.  Here is a look at just how big the medical tourism industry is.

Gay Travel

Making your hotel LGBT friendly can make your hotel extremely popular as well allowing you to tap into one of the most popular travel associations on the web.  You can simply identify your hotel as gay friendly and travelers will be immediately willing to book into your hotel.  You can also set your hotel up as an ideal gay wedding destination and enjoy the busy time that will bring.

Get Rated

This is going to cost some money but it will be well worth it especially if you have a boutique hotel.  Getting your hotel rated opens you up to a different class of traveler that only books with hotels that have the best ratings.  These guests do not want to stay in some chain hotel with a 3 star rating.  Check for a certified association and contact them about getting inspected.

The hotel industry is a competitive one so you need to do whatever it takes to make your hotel stand out from the dozens of other hotels in your town.  Catering to a very specific market may be just the thing to work.