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Market Your Hotel

A couple of years ago you only had a handful of ways to promote your hotel, you had to rely on travel agents or advertise in travel directories.  Today people head to the internet when they want to book a vacation.  Booking vacations on the internet has seen explosive growth in the past few years it is one of the biggest categories in the e-commerce world representing nearly 700 billion dollars. If you want to market your hotel then you need to embrace online marketing.

Define Your Customer

The first thing you need to do is to define your customer, once you nail down who your customer is then it is that much easier to get your message in front of them.  Who do you cater to, the business traveler, the family vacation or the higher-end clientele?  How does your hotel meet their needs?  If you cater to the business traveler, for example, are you located near the airport or business district?  Do you have all of the amenities a business traveler needs such as conference rooms or a business center on the premises?  These are essential to have figured out before you start marketing your hotel and it will make advertising that much easier.

Marketing Plans

Marketing your hotel is more than just listing it on a couple of travel sites and hoping for the best.  You need to put together a plan, determine your budget, measure the results and tweak when necessary.  Online marketing starts with a good website, and it should make things as easy as possible for your guests to book online.  You should also connect with the plethora of travel sites that allow you to list your hotel for any potential traveler to see.  Once that is done then you need to look into paid traffic and where to put your advertising dollars.  Online advertising can include advertising on social media along with Google Adwords.  If you aren’t experienced with online advertising then you need to hire a company that is.

Measure Your Results

Good marketing campaigns are data-driven, that means every time a guest checks in to your hotel you know how they got there.  Did they find your hotel on Google, Facebook or did they just drive by?  In order for you to make the most of your marketing dollars, you need to know what is effective and which campaigns are just costing you money.  Installing Google analytics along with some other tools can help you measure the ROI of your advertising dollars.

Thanks to the internet, hotel marketing has gotten easier and now independent hotel owners can compete with some of the larger chains.